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We’re specialized in delivering top class services for the Diplomats, Institutional and International realities and private sector companies. 

INTI Diplomatic Service was created on the 27th April 2009 and, thanks to the organization of the first event for the summit of FAO in June 2009, started a long-term and steady collaboration with the diplomatic and institutional world.

The creator of this ambitious project is Ms. Isabel Mantilla, the founder and General Manager of INTI. The creation of INTI has been possible thanks to more than 15 years of her experience in the hotellerie sector in Perù, United States and Italy and also for using in practice all the information she has obtained from studies about the diplomatic sector and the city of Rome, where every year are organized events of international level.

INTI Diplomatic Service is the first agency in Italy specialized in services for the Diplomatic Sector, international institutions and private sector companies. In the last years, INTI has made several collaborations in the Corporate sector offering tailor-made solutions and a total assistance for every request.

Isabel Mantilla is the founder and General Manager of INTI Diplomatic Service. She has more than of 15 years of experience in the turistic and institutional sector and is specialized in supporting Diplomats.

Inti Medical Services

INTI Diplomatic Service is the only one that can do the activity of intermediation in the health care sector in the city of Rome for Diplomats.

This means that with our services, the Diplomats have the possibility to have an exclusive way for the best specialized medical treatments in a fast and economic way.

More than 50 Embassies has already chosen INTI Medical Service to deal with this particular period using carnets and special offers thanks to special partnership with the most important institution in the health care sector.

Asl Roma 1

Booking for PCR Test (Tampone or Molecular test or nosepharyngeal test) and sierological test with the result within 24/36 hours. This type of service is entirely dedicated to the Diplomats: officers, families and citizens of the diplomatic representation.


USI - Unione Sanitaria Internazionale

INTI Diplomatic USI Card

Carnet USI with discount in the 21 health facilities in Rome:

Discount up to 50% for all the clinical analysis, magnetic resonance, CAT, specialized visits, physioteraphy, cosmetic surgery, molecular biology, genetics, surgery, etc.

Casa di Cura Privata VILLA MAFALDA

Elite Medical Equipe available besides check-up and specialized visits of every type.

Casa di Cura Villa Mafalda is an elegant and private clinic in the heart of Salario district. This clinic is famous because guarantees high standards of professionalism, comfort and efficiency in the surgical-health care field.

Whatever you need, we will find together the best way to have access to our services.

Exclusive Shopping Deals

We can also offer exclusive discounts and delivery services, in partnership with important realities both in the commercial and medical environment, such as:

Fashion Passport for Diplomatics: 10% off at Castel Romano (Rome) e Serravalle Designer Outlet (Milan) – McArthurGlen.

Medical Passport for Diplomatics: free delivery on pharmaceutical products and personal protective equipment (face masks, liquid sanitizing gel, liquid sanitizing spray, sanitized wipes, laser thermometer and much more).

Disinfection of buildings

In this period, more than ever, is fundamental to work in safe and healthy places.

For this reason, we can offer to our partners, in exclusive way for Diplomats, disinfection and pest control services which are useful to deal with the increased number of microorganisms such us bacteria, fungi and viruses and to control the risk of infection for people or contamination of objects and environments.

Accommodations for all your needs

Thanks to our partnerships, we can offer accommodation as apartments in prestigious places of Rome and/or strategical areas (near Termini Station and hospitals such as Gemelli, San Carlo, Bambino Gesù and San Pietro) which are suitable for every type of need, in exclusive way for Diplomats.

Looking for exclusive services?

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